Casino Undersea Stones

Casino Undersea Stones

Let’s at least roughly estimate what payments will be made to the newly opened online casino:

Where to get players (traffic). This is not only the most expensive but also the most risky position (as it requires experience and understanding of the specifics) in the entire list of costs.
Working through affiliates (partners). On the one hand, this model is less prone to outright fraud (if you have an affiliate manager with at least some distinct experience), on the other hand, it is one of the most expensive ways to get players.

The essence of the model is that the owners of sites place your casino on their web resources (sites, strips, forums, etc.), players come by their affiliate link and you pay them 50% of the losses of all their players. It would seem – perfect. No players – no payment, but it seems so only at first sight.

Casino Undersea Stones

There is no negative transfer. This model is now used in almost all online casinos, as refusing to use it will lead to the same result as with it, but, in addition, affiliate will remove your casino from your site.

The working month of the affiliate begins on the first day of any month and ends on the last day of that same month. At the end of the month is the calculation of profits and payment to the partner. And what happens if one (or more) of the players of this partner will win a lot and, at the end of the month, the partner will remain in the minus (ie, players won more than lost)? The answer is: nothing will happen. The casino will pay the players (if it is not a dump and they have enough money in the cash register). The partner will have the whole minus and the new month will start from scratch. The most understandable situation as an example:

Fastpay affiliates “Only one player is in the affiliate program. This can be a new affiliate program, or one of the players has a much larger bet than the others. In January the player has won 100000 euros. He did not play for the whole month (let’s say by setting a limit until the full payment is made). A new month has started. And already in February, the player loses the same 100000 euros back. If the affiliate’s commission is set at 40%, the casino is obliged to pay him 40,000 euros, despite the fact that it will pay the game providers about 15,000 and payments of about 5,000 euros”.

The second example, for those amateurs who would say that such a thing (winning 100,000 euros) is very rare:

“Suppose that the casino has 10 affiliations and all the casino players came through them. For example, let’s agree that all partners have an equal number of players and all play the same bets and approximately the same number of spins per month. Let there be 10 players for each partner, a total of 100 players. So, what will happen in a regular month? 95% of the players will lose, and 5% will win about 50-70% of what those 95% will lose. Quite often one player will win more than all of them.

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