All about online casino account limits

All about online casino account limits

In general, the very idea of introducing limits on deposit, vager, loss, time sessions at online casinos are really vital functions for any dependent player. By the way, the ability to set these player limits is part of the requirements in the license agreement. But, who thinks about players from the cis countries? We have these limits. They are hidden from all over the world and can only be accessed by direct links (if we are talking about a softswiss platform). Well, or you just can’t get to them (like in shades or playattacks).

Of course, there are casinos that don’t hide anything and the player can set any of the limits himself (like Bitstarz or Fastpay). This is done independently in the player’s personal cabinet. But … it is the self-exclusion forever remains the main problem of almost all online casinos, except for pošeya (who put a big “bolt” on these license rules and feel great).

The problem is that if a player requested a self-exclusion forever, then, according to the rules of the license, it must be excluded. In this case, one of the most serious violations of the license rules will be opening (reactivation) of such an account.

All about online casino account limits

The most “dodgy” players even use it, forcing the online casino to return the money he lost after reactivation. If he wins, he withdraws the money without any problems. More and more casinos simply put sticks in the wheels when trying to set this restriction. All the truth and no truth lasts, the player is asked to write a letter. For example, the sewing has gone even further – your manager will contact you. He will call you tomorrow, for example. And today, fill in everything – no one will set a limit – you will be like parrots repeating the same thing and apologizing for the inconvenience.

By the way, many Germans do this:

They register, download documents and close the account forever. Without even playing for real money. That is, a person watches what casinos have appeared and blocks his account in them, depriving himself of the opportunity to play.

I believe that it would really work if all online casinos followed the rules of the license. That is, if a player is blocked forever everywhere, he just doesn’t have the technical ability to play safely in any licensed casino. Seriously play for money in volcanoes will only be quite flirty.

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